Durock V2 Stablisers + (Soul Mate tuning kit)
Durock V2 Stablisers + (Soul Mate tuning kit)
Durock V2 Stablisers + (Soul Mate tuning kit)

Durock V2 Stablisers + (Soul Mate tuning kit)

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Durock V2 Stabilisers are often regarded as the industry standard for elevating both stability and acoustic performance in mechanical keyboards.

Key Features:

These stabilisers come pre-clipped, requiring only additional lubrication for optimal performance.

Wire Hook Design:
The V2 version incorporates a wire hook to prevent wire dislocation during use or maintenance.

Quality Construction:
The stabilisers are made from durable Nylon PA and feature gold-plated steel wires and screws.

Free Soul Mate Pack:
This pack includes additional materials aimed at fine-tuning your stabilisers for a noise-free experience. When done correctly, it effectively eliminates ticking sounds.


  • Compatibility: Suitable for MX Compatible PCBs.
  • Mounting System: PCB Screw-in mechanism for reliable mounting.
  • Material: Clear Polycarbonate Housing with Gold-Plated Components.
  • Included: Washers for added security.

Soul Mate Pack:

The Soul Mate Pack is designed for enthusiasts who want the best out of their stabilisers. It includes additional parts to assist in making your stabilisers as quiet as possible. Say goodbye to ticking noise and enjoy a smoother typing experience.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 x 2u Stabilisers - Each set includes one wire and two housing units
  • 1 x 6.25u Stabiliser - Includes one wire and two housing units
  • 1 x 7u Stabiliser Wire
  • Required screws and washers
  • Free Soul Mate Pack

Additional Note:

This stabiliser set is sufficient to cover 60/87% keyboard kits. For full-sized keyboards, additional stabilisers are required.

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